Gunay Üslu

"Bringing your experiences and ideas from outside into the city – that is what makes Amsterdam so interesting"

Samantha Ellinson

"I know now that Sydney is just as daring as Amsterdam"

Janjaap Ruijssenaars

"In Amsterdam I broke away from architecture and gained a new freedom for myself"

Nicola Ressa

"Amsterdammers give me the feeling that I belong. Wonderful!"

Eva Cleven

"My love for Amsterdam came from my hair"

Rocco Veenboer

"I see myself as just a very small part of the Amsterdam dance scene"

Pieter Kuipers

"Amsterdam is not the real world for me"

Cato van Ee

"Amsterdam is peace for me"

Paul Vugts

"The Amsterdam underworld is much better at disrupting itself than detectives are at the moment"

Ben Dragstra

"In Amsterdam I have more space and options to be who I want to be"

Candida Thompson

"Music is made in Amsterdam through international and cultural influences"

Ernst Coppenjans

"My life really started in Amsterdam "

Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen

"The Amsterdam art world is fed by a worldwide network."

Kirsten Spahr van der Hoek

"In Amsterdam, we live together"

Sabine Vishnudatt

"Amsterdammers look fairly normal, even though they have considered every detail "

Miryanna van Reeden

"I find the impersonality of Amsterdam incredibly nice"

Liza Van Der Most

"I came to Amsterdam purely for football, but now I work there also as a social worker"

Jop van der Graaf

"We wanted healthy, but Amsterdammers wanted quick and easy "

Wybo Wijnbergen

"Start-ups are the new international merchants of Amsterdam"

Max Coppens

"Amsterdam is actually much too small to do so much in dance "

James Veenhof

"You aren’t really an Amsterdammer until you have given something back to the city"

Pauline Willemse

"The contradiction between Amsterdam and Amstelveen is inside of me as well"

Sander Groet

"Amsterdam is blooming again!"

Thomas de Graaf

"In Amsterdam, people are quick to believe in dreams"

Fred Tiggelman

"In our store we get very little of Amsterdam’s large scale and its anonymity "

Aernoud Bourdrez

"Amsterdam is a beautiful, harmonic chaos where whether we are going too far is constantly monitored"

Rob van Dijk

"Greenery in Amsterdam is naturally important"

Grietje Braaksma

"In Amsterdam, anything is possible"

Friederike Joppen

"Most Amsterdammers still see their balcony as a kind of storage space"

Renske Bijlenga

"It is fairly difficult to start a new dental practice in Amsterdam; it is stuffed with them"

Sander van Engelen

"A city like Amsterdam pushes you to do something yourself and to innovate"

Vera Magagnini

"Amsterdam is my home, at least for now"

Howard Komproe

"Only when I came to live here did I get to know the city’s ‘backstage’ "

Jan Pieter Kind

"The Amsterdam underground scene has not yet peaked"

Mark Bischof

"Amsterdam pulses with life because people here convert ideas into something tangible"

David van Traa

"The living and business climate of Amsterdam draws people from all over the world"

Martijn Garsthagen

"The crowd in the Amsterdam Haarlemmerdijk is very creative, much more happening "

Daniel Watts

"The nightlife vibe in Amsterdam is very relaxed, and the fact that it is so normal here is what makes it so special"

Erik Heinen

"Amsterdam pushes me to think more broadly and to connect"

Levi Graham

"My trainings include everything from my past and from my transition from London to Amsterdam "